DP Yadav Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand Nainital High Court orders release of ghaziabad murder case mla mahendra bhati tstc

History highlights

  • High Court annuls CBI Court decision
  • Former MP Yadav released
  • Court sentenced to life imprisonment in murder case

The Uttarakhand High Court acquitted the Bahubali leader of the UP and former MP Yadav, which is a great relief. The court, overturning the lower court order, granted DP Yadav this relief as there was no concrete evidence against him. DP Yadav was serving a life sentence in Dehradun Prison for the murder of Ghaziabad MLA Mahendra Bhati.

Insults cleared in the murder case of DP Yadav Bhati

Let me tell you that the IWC court in Dehradun had sentenced him to life imprisonment for the murder of Ghaziabad MLA Mahendra Bhati by three other people, including former Uttar Pradesh MP DP Yadav. Against which all petitions were filed. Today (Wednesday), the court of Chief Justice RS Chauhan and Justice Alok Kumar Verma delivered their decision on DP Yadav’s appeal. After hearing the case, the court overturned the lower court order and found no concrete evidence against it. After this, the court acquitted him in disgrace.

Court acquits DP Yadav for lack of concrete evidence

DP Yadav is currently out of jail on provisional bail. The court has reserved the decision on the appeals of other defendants in this murder case. According to the case in this case, DP Yadav, Praneet Bhati, Karan Yadav and Pal Singh aka Lakkar Pala were charged with killing Ghaziabad MLA Mahendra Bhati on September 13, 1992.

The court reserved the trial in the appeals of other defendants

In view of the possibility of Mamla being affected in UP, Uttarakhand was transferred. On February 15, 2015, the Dehradun CBI court heard the harsh life sentence for the four murderers. This order was challenged by the four defendants in Nainital High Court. Karan Yadav had filed an application in the High Court saying that his wife’s health was not good. He is being treated in Delhi AIIMS for a long time. To take care of the wife, a short-term bond of one month must be given. On this, the court had given Karan a short-term bond of one month for the care of his wife.

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