Cruise Drugs Case: A conspiracy to implicate Aryan Khan was hatched on September 27 at a hotel in Navi Mumbai! – Mumbai NCB Cruise Ship Drug Case Revealed Conspiracy Witness Name of Aryan Khan Defendant KP Gosavi Leader of BJP Police Crime ntc

In recent times, hardly any such case has come to the fore, in which all evidence and witnesses are kept out of court one by one. We are talking about the drug case on the Bombay cruise ships. Amid the flood of accusations in this case, a new witness has emerged. The witness clearly says that a conspiracy to implicate Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan in this case, was hatched on September 27 in a hotel room. This conspiracy was also successful, but at the last minute a selfie spoiled the whole game and this conspiracy was exposed.

burning questions about the conspiracy
Was the cruise ship’s drug bust planned for September 27? Did NCB get the news that Aryan was going on a cruise ship on September 27? Did KP Gosavi contact Sameer Wankhede before September 27? Why were two rooms booked in a hotel in Navi Mumbai on the night of September 27? Was Sameer Wankhede aware of these two rooms already? Was the entire drug bust conspiracy on the cruise ship hatched in the same hotel room in Navi Mumbai?

Before getting to the answers to these burning questions, he once recalled the statement by NCB’s Mumbai area director, Sameer Wankhede, in which he had said he had to go to Gosavi recently. According to Sameer Wankhede, he did not know KP Gosavi beforehand. Rather, I met him the day before this case. But according to Vijay Paghare, a completely new character who has appeared in this whole affair, then the Cruise Drug Raid story is completely different. Vijay Paghare is located near Sunil Patil. Sunil Patil himself, considered an important figure in the Aryan drug case and very close to Gosavi.

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Vijay Paghare himself has made a sensational revelation. Paghare has said that two rooms were booked at a hotel in Navi Mumbai on September 27. In one room he, Gosavi and Sunil Patil were present, while in the other room Manish Bhanushali had arrived with a girl. After staying in the room for about two hours, when Bhanushali left, he left saying that he had a “great game.” Manish Bhanushali is related to BJP and Gosavi is related to Bhanushali Now, according to this statement by Vijay Paghare, the whole conspiracy of the cruise drug bust was hatched between these people. But who is the true mastermind behind this conspiracy, Vijay Paghare has not yet said.

But the question is, can a drug raid be carried out without permission from the NCB? Is it possible that outsiders could carry out such a large raid on their own without the knowledge or consent of the Mumbai area director, i.e. Sameer Wankhede, the highest officer of the NCB in Mumbai? Vijay Pagare doesn’t stop at this alone. He claims that the deal for this great game was almost fixed, that’s all .. One little mistake ruined the whole game and that mistake came out in the form of a selfie from KP Gosavi. The same selfie, which went viral across the country on October 3, was made because Aryan Khan was seen in NCB’s custody for the first time via the same selfie. And Gosavi was also seen with Aryan.

The first question about NCB’s intention was raised by the selfie itself. There was so much fuss over that selfie that later the deal for the big game was left incomplete. According to Vijay Pagare, everything was going according to plan before that selfie became common. On October 2, Cruise was raided by NCB. Aryan was captured. Preparations were completed to free Aryan Khan from Pooja Dadlani in exchange for Rs 18 crore, but on the last occasion, this selfie taken by Gosavi with Aryan Khan at the NCB office went viral and the whole case was screwed up. According to Paghare, he heard Sunil Patil and Bhanushali say that Gosavi had run away after recovering the money. Later, Patil himself even told him on the phone that that Gosavi selfie had messed up all the work.

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The Mumbai Police and now the NCB itself will find out how much Paghare has in these words, but it is certain that Paghare’s words appear to be proving the accusations of the PNC leader, Nawab Malik, in which Malik has said that Sam D’Souza, Gosavi & Co were trying to extort money from Shahrukh’s manager Dadlani in exchange for Aryan’s release. Nawab Malik even said that some OCN officers were trying to extort money from Shahrukh Khan’s manager, Pooja Dadlani, only after turning the defendant into an old drugs-as-a-weapon case. This may sound strange to hear, but Malik’s claim is somewhat similar.

Nawab Malik said that Sam D’Souza is actually the defendant in the drug case, who has the blessing of some NCB officers, including Sameer Wankhede, and with the consent of these officers, is trying to recover from Pooja Dadlani, the Shahrukh’s manager at Aryan Khan. case. Had been. That is, if KP Gosavi’s selfie with Aryan hadn’t gone viral, then perhaps this secret would never have come to light. Malik said Sam D’Souza is the defendant in the NCB’s Weed Bakery case, who was also subpoenaed by the NCB for questioning, but was never arrested in this case. Minister Nawab Malik had affirmed this by tweeting the copy of the subpoena sent to Sam on his Twitter account.

Maharashtra Government Minister Nawab Malik posted an audio clip on the matter and said that this clip is proof of Sam D’Souza’s relationship with OCN officers. In this clip, an OCN officer is allegedly heard talking to Sam D’Souza, in which the OCN officer asks D’Souza to report to the OCN office and warns him not to commit the failed to change your phone number. because they have all your IMEI data. While D’Souza is heard allegedly asking the officer for a bit more time in exchange for this phone call.

Nawab Malik claimed that Sam had bribed this officer to take his life out of the drug case and to act as an informant for NCB and now Sam D’Souza himself in the Cruz NCB drug case was trying to recover money from Pooja. Dadlani on behalf of the officers. Here’s the talk about Sam D’Souza’s role in the recovery game. In this game, now a character named Sunil Patil has been entered, whom both NCP and BJP are trying to make into each other’s pawns and BJP is telling the real mastermind of the Aryan drug case.

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BJP leader Mohit Kamboj has claimed that Sunil Patil was close to NCP and a special friend of Hrishikesh Deshmukh, son of former NCP Interior Minister Anil Deshmukh, and claimed that it was Patil who introduced Sam D’Souza to the officers of the Office of Narcotics Control. . Kamboj even has to say that actually Patil, KP Gosavi, Manish Bhanushali, Prabhakar Sail are all related to each other. Patil had booked a suite at the Lalit Hotel and she used to host PNC leaders here and all the deals used to happen from here.

On the other hand, Patil has stated that he has nothing to do with the Aryan drug case, and has declared himself separated from the case. Rather, Sam D’Souza called him and informed him about the drug party at Cordelia Cruz and sought his help, after which he introduced Sam to Gosavi and Bhanushali. Patil said that, but later when something happened, just on his command, Gosavi returned all the money to Sam D’Souza. Obviously, this statement from Patil herself indicates that Sam and Gosavi had raised a considerable amount from Pooja Dadlani in the Aryan case. But maybe later some money was returned for fear of revealing it.

Patil’s claim on the old NCB case filed against Sam D’Souza adds a little more force to the accusations made by Nawab Malik against D’Souza. Patil has said that she has known Sam for a year. Sam had sought his help regarding the case filed against him at NCB, but he refused to help Sam saying that he did not know anyone at NCB. While she later learned that Sam saved her life from the Weed Bakery drug case by paying a bribe of Rs 25 lakh to the NCB officer. Patil also denied having any connection to the NCP and said he was definitely associated with the NCP until 2016, but now it has nothing to do with politics.

Patil said she never met the CPN leader Nawab Malik, yes, she called Nawab Malik once after his press conference on the Aryan case on October 10. But aside from all these revelations, the statement Patil gave in front of the Mumbai Police Special Investigation Team is no less shocking. Patil was also called in for questioning by the Mumbai police team investigating the case after allegations of extortion by Prabhakar Sal, who was Gosavi’s bodyguard. If the sources are to be believed, Patil told police that he was beaten by BJP leader Manish Bhanushali and his men at a Delhi hotel, saying he had to give his statement in favor of Sameer Wankhede.

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