COP26: Tuvalu minister is at sea to film COP26 speech to show climate change NTC

History highlights

  • Tuvalu is a country with a population of 11,792.
  • Tuvalu in trouble due to rising sea levels
  • To draw attention to this problem, the minister tried this method

Tuvalu’s foreign minister delivered a speech at the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow while standing knee-deep in the sea. So they can show how climate change is affecting their island of Tuvalu.

The image of Tuvalu’s Foreign Minister Simon Kofe is going quite viral. In this, he is seen standing in the sea in a suit and tie and giving a speech. Kofe has folded his pants down to his knees. Kofe wanted to draw attention to Tuvalu’s fight against rising sea levels.

Kofe sends message to the UN

The UN organized the COP26 Summit on Climate Change in Glasgow, Scotland. In this, the heads of state also participated in the past. Kofe was participating in this. He sent a recorded message to the UN.

Through this, Kofe gave a message that due to climate change in the world, the sea level is rising very fast. Because of this, there is a danger that countries like Tuvalu will drown. In such a situation, the countries of the world should take strict measures to stop climate change.

Tuvalu is a country with a population of 11 thousand

This video was broadcast live on Tuvalu’s official TVBC. This message was recorded in the middle of Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu. The area of ​​the country of Tuvalu is 25.9 square kilometers. A total of 9 islands are included in this country and its population is 11,792.

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