Chhath Puja 2021: A special vigil will be held along the rail line, speed will be controlled – Indian Railways special arrangements for slow speed Chhath Puja 2021 trains near Chhath Ghats in chandauli lbs

History highlights

  • Chhath festival is celebrated with pomp across the country
  • Strict arrangements for the safety of devotees

Chhath Puja 2021: About 3 years ago, there was an accident on the train track in Amritsar, in which several dozen people looking at Ravan Dahan were trampled by a train. There, but people were looking at Ravan Dahan standing on the train track. After this incident, precaution was initiated in all places of worship and religious places that are located on the side of the train track.

This time also, in view of Chhath Mahaparva, special surveillance is being carried out on the ponds located on the banks of the railway line in Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh, where Chhath Puja is performed. The district administration and the railways have decided that the speed of the trains will be reduced in those places. Also, trains will continually pass by honking horns. Not only this, along with local police, government railway police and RPF personnel will also be deployed near each crossing.

It is noteworthy that the festival of popular faith is celebrated with special pomp in Chandauli and the surrounding districts of eastern Uttar Pradesh. In such a situation, large crowds of devotees gather on the ghats. There are many such Chhath places of worship, including Deendayal Nagar in the Chandauli district, which are located along the railway line. In such a situation, the crowd should not head towards the railway line and to avoid any kind of accident, the district administration and the railways have jointly planned to reduce the speed of the trains passing through these places. There will also be adequate police disposition at rail crossings.

Ghat at Chhath Puja

Cleanup work completed at Chhath Puja locations

Along with this, the district administration has completed the cleanup work of all the Chhath Puja sites. The district administration has also made appropriate arrangements for the lighting of the ghats. On the other hand, along with crowd control and traffic control, elaborate arrangements have been made for the safety of the devotees. The district administration will make strict arrangements with the police at each place of worship. Apart from this, a team of divers will also be present, so that they can be used in any emergency.

Chandauli DM Sanjeev Kumar Singh said, “Chhath festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Chandauli and this Chhath festival is celebrated after Kovid-19. In this we have all our ponds, puddles, canals etc. where ghats have been built. A massive clean-up campaign has been launched, lime has been sprinkled, etc. Proper arrangements are also being made for lighting and there will also be arrangements for divers, and volunteers are also being supported in this, who will monitor it closely. Barricades are being erected so that people cannot go to deep water and organize their Chhath festival successfully. To this end, a meeting with railway officials was also held today, as there are many places along the railway line.

Cleaning in Ghats

In addition, he said that this Mansarovar pond which is located in Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Nagar tehsil is an important place. A large number of people gather here. So any railroad train that leaves here, there will be a date on it. After that, in addition to the speed limit, RPF and GRP will also cooperate on this and people will also be constantly called to the Public Announcement System so that they do not cross the railway crossing and be alert and come carefully. In this way, our preparations continue in rural and urban areas.

At the same time, SP Ankur Aggarwal said that in many places in Chandauli, the Chhath festival is celebrated on the pond ghats. Regardless of the traffic arrangements that exist and from a safety standpoint, we are making a lot of detours. As you look back, this road is closed every year, because there is a lot of rush here, so the meeting has been done in view of the traffic. Right now there has also been a meeting with DM Sahib and DRM Sahib, in which, taking railway safety into account, the RPF GRP Joint Police force will be present at all points of all crossings. Information has been taken on all the trains that pass through here. Because there is a 24 hour worship time. So from 10 to 11 our duty will be 24 hours.

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