‘BJP would have had Mukhtar Ansari killed,’ Om Prakash Rajbhar rained down on the ruling party

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  • He will fight from where Mukhtar wants to fight – Rajbhar
  • The boy told Anil Rajbhar, he took a look at the CM

Om Prakash Rajbhar, national chairman of the Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party (SUBHSP), who was a cabinet minister in the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh, appeared in familiar style on Wednesday. Omprakash Rajbhar attacked the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which was once his alliance partner, and also surrounded the government.

Omprakash Rajbhar said about Mukhtar Ansari contesting from Mau Sadar that we will fight from wherever he wants to compete. Mukhtar Ansari is a five-time member of the Mau Sadar board of directors. People make Mukhtar Ansari victorious. He accused of injustice and said that if the BJP had driven the bus and there was no constitution, they would have had Mukhtar Ansari assassinated.

Omprakash Rajbhar said about Asaduddin Owaisi that he should give up the dream of 100 seats. Compete in 10 seats and win all of them. It doesn’t make any sense not to win a single one fighting at 100. If you want to defeat the BJP then come and compete with fewer seats, no problem. Attacking the BJP, he said that the Yogi government protected the terrorists by burning the daughter’s body at 12 o’clock in Hathras. After Pal’s murder in Ballia, this government is also doing the job of saving criminals.

Omprakash Rajbhar said Lakhimpur Kheri’s report also came in that Ashish Mishra, son of the Minister of State for Home, had opened fire. Now that the Supreme Court has made the danda, the arrest has occurred. He said that if there were a common man instead of the son of the Home Union Minister of State, the police would have detained him. The national chairman of the Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party, Omprakash Rajbhar, also reacted to CM Yogi’s declaration to release the terrorists imposed on the SP government, honoring the rioters by calling them to their residences.

He accused the counterfeit business in Gujarat. Rajbhar supported Nawab Malik and said that he is conscious, only then is he speaking. They will also have tests.

BJP is abused by sitting next to him

The statement by Nishad Party Chairman Dr. Sanjay Nishad that Ram was not the son of Raja Dashrath, BJP Brij Bhushan MP Sharan Singh had said whether Sanjay Nishad’s mother was a midwife. In this regard, OP Rajbhar said what are Yogi, Modi and the contractors of the Hindu religion doing. Will Yogi, Modi and BJP take any action against them? This is a conspiracy to divert attention from the original point. Sanjay Nishad had said in his society that if there is no reservation, then there is no vote, so to divert attention from the reservation, to obtain the exemption of the domestic electricity bill and the Justice Committee report should not be implemented Social. BJP calls on all of this to divert attention from this. This is the dual character of BJP. He said that the BJP is abused by sitting next to him and the people who live with them in faith play with them. OP Rajbhar also justified the warning of agitation on behalf of Congress on this issue.

Anil Rajbhar now has children

Om Prakash Rajbhar while attacking the UP government cabinet minister Anil Rajbhar said that there is an open office in Delhi, on which is written ‘Dalal’. Anil Rajbhar is a boy now. Om Prakash Rajbhar was reacting to Anil Rajbhar’s statement in which he had said that once Omprakash Rajbhar got turmeric because of Amit Shah. Now they (Om Prakash Rajbhar) do the mediation of Mukhtar and sit at home. Rajbhar on Shivpal Singh Yadav’s statement that whatever decision Akhilesh Yadav should make, please make it quickly. Responding to this, he said that the association is an attempt to bring together the constituent parties of Sankalp Morcha.

I took a look at CM Yogi

Om Prakash Rajbhar spoke with CM Yogi regarding the issue of the people who returned to Kairana after the exodus and they said the vehicle was surrendered at the behest of BJP. They carry them forward by sitting in the same car and take them off after going a little further. This is a theater party.


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