Bigg Boss 15: Rashami Desai reacts to Afsana Khan’s panic attack, says – no milk washing – Bigg Boss 15 Rashami Desai reacts when Afsana Khan hurts himself with a tmov knife

History highlights

  • Afsana had a panic attack
  • Afsana attacked herself
  • Rashmi Desai reacted

Bigg Boss 15 contestant Afsana Khan has been in the news even before she entered the show. Afsana has been seen many times on the show losing control and hurting herself. Now, in the next episode of the show, Afsana Khan will once again be seen assaulting herself. Now, former Bigg Boss contestant and popular television actress Rashmi Desai has reacted to Afsana’s action.

Rashmi came forward in support of Afsana
Rashmi Desai, in giving her opinion on Afsana’s behavior, has also addressed Bigg Boss PR for launching such promotions. Rashmi Desai wrote: It is very sad that such a good talent and no one knows what phase he is going through. Only people judge inside and out and why? We all learn from our own mistakes and others. The milk is not washed. Public relations should understand this and give it space. Utensils ring in every house.

Why do users control creators?
Some social media users have also agreed with Rashmi’s tweet in support of Afsana. The user says that creators shouldn’t sensationalize them by launching such promotions.

Afsana tries to commit suicide with a knife
Bigg Boss has granted the captain of the house a special right, so he can take three members of the family to the VIP area. But Umar expels Afsana from the VIP area task, which infuriates Afsana very much and she loses control. You can see in the promo video that Afsana starts throwing all the things around her and tries to commit suicide by taking a kitchen knife.

Bigg Boss kicks Afsana off the show
Taking the knife, Afsana screams loudly and says: I will kill myself. Seeing Afsana do this, Umar, Jai, and Karan try to snatch the knife from her hand. Now such reports are coming out that after this act of Afsana, Bigg Boss has kicked her off the show.

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