Bigg Boss 15, November 10, 2021, Written Updates: Contestants have the opportunity to be part of the VIP zone, Rakesh-Shamita’s Romantic Dance – Bigg Boss 15 November 10, 2021 Written Updates Contestants have the opportunity to be part of the vip zone tmov

History highlights

  • Contestants had a chance to join VIP Zone
  • Shamita Rakesh had a romantic date
  • The growing closeness between Karan and Tejashwi

With the fights and high-voltage drama in Bigg Boss 15, winds of love and romance are now blowing too. In the show, where Rakesh and Shamita’s love is growing again, on the other hand, Karan Kundrra and Tejashwi also get lost in each other’s love. With this, the race to join the VIP zone among family members has also started. Let us know what happened in the episode on the last day.

– Big Boss gave Vishal-Jai the task of preparing food.
The episode of the last day began with a fun task. Bigg Boss calls Shamita, Tejashwi, and Nishant into the confession room and asks who doesn’t cook in the house. The trio took the names of Jai and Vishal, after which Bigg Boss gave the task of cooking to Jai and Vishal.

– Shamita-Rakesh had a date
Bigg Boss organized a great date for the lovers of the house Shamita Shetty and Rakeysh Bapat. A beautiful montage was made in the house for Shamita and Rakesh’s date.

– The romantic dance of Shamita-Rakesh
In addition to enjoying the food on the date, Shamita and Rakesh also spent quality time together. Shamita and Rakesh were seen doing a romantic dance together on Ishq Wala Love Song.

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The growing closeness between Karan and Tejashwi, the actor gave a pendant, said Afsana – Bigg Boss Teju has fallen in love

Rajiv-Nishant fight
These days, family members face a ration shortage. In such a situation, ration management remains a big problem for contestants. In the episode of the last day, Rajiv and Nishant were seen fighting for flour. Rajiv needed more flour to make roti, but Nishant said that the flour is less, so the roti will have to be made with less flour. A fight broke out between the two over this matter.

– Karan gave a special gift to Tejashwi.
Now Tejashwi and Karan Kundra are getting closer on the show. Karan gifted Tejashwi with a beautiful eye pendant. Tejashwi looked very happy and excited to give Karan’s special gift.

Shamita was out of the VIP zone race
Bigg Boss gave a special task to family members to join the VIP area. In this task, Captain Omar has to decide which three members of the family he will take with him to the VIP area. Umar has expelled Shamita, Neha Bhasin, Rakesh, Rajiv from the VIP area for the time being.

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