BHU: Urdu department upside down due to student discontent, Iqbal photo removed from Malviya

History highlights

  • The webinar poster has been renewed.
  • The department apologized on social media.

A new controversy has arisen in the Urdu department of the Hindu University of Banaras. There has been an uproar after the photo of Pakistan’s national poet Allama Iqbal was removed from the invitation letter of a webinar program hosted here. When the students came to the office of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts to complain about this matter, the Urdu department, rushing in behind, removed the photo of Allama Iqbal and placed the photo of Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya and the Faculty of Arts. He also apologized from his Twitter account.

However, a committee has also been formed by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts to investigate this whole matter and the Head of the Urdu Department has also been asked to appear and present his version. Currently, the webinar poster has been changed to Pandit Malviya’s image and apologies have been made on social media.

The Department of Urdu, under the Faculty of Arts of the Hindu University of Banaras, Varanasi, would organize a webinar on the Urdu language. This seemingly ordinary webinar was embroiled in controversy when dozens of students came to the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts with the objection that the photo of the founder of BHU, Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, should be replaced by the Pakistani citizen. in the invitation letter issued. The poet Allama Iqbal has put on the image.

The head of the Urdu Department, Professor Aftab Ahmed, has been ordered to appear and present his case. Student Patanjali, who came to the dean’s office to complain, said that no university student can tolerate playing with the honor of Malaviya ji. Contrary to tradition, the Urdu department did not put Malviya ji’s image on its poster and replaced it with Allama Iqbal, Pakistan’s ideological producer. Apart from this, the information for this program was also not given on the university website and the Dean was not given any information about this webinar. Therefore, this program stayed away from the public forum.

Student Patanjali also alleged that as soon as he connected to the webinar, objectionable things were happening in it and attempts were being made to pursue a religious agenda under the guise of education. The student said that if no action is taken from the dean level in 2-3 days, then the students will be agitated regarding this whole matter.

On the other hand, Gunjesh Gautam, another research student, said that on the occasion of World Urdu Day on November 9, the Urdu Department of the Faculty of Arts organized a program. The students got this information from social media. Most objectionable about this was that the image of Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, the most revered founder of the Hindu University of Banaras, was removed from the poster and said to be his mistake. Second, these people did not inform the university official about the program and the speakers who were called said objectionable things in the webinar. To act on this, the Dean of the Faculty of Art was told that if no action is taken, the students will be forced to agitate.

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