Bella Hadid shares crying selfies with a bold, emotional message about mental health and says, “This is pretty much my day to day, every night.”

Bella Hadid shares crying selfies with a bold and emotional message about mental health, take a look (Photo Credit – Instagram)

The global pandemic has not been easy for many people. And as much as we like to be part of social networks, it also has its consequences on our mental health. 3.6 percent of the world’s total population suffers from anxiety according to the WHO and model Bella Hadid has shared a series of crying selfies talking about mental health and how it has affected her personally. Scroll down to read his post.

Bella also shared a clip of her friend Willow Smith talking about anxiety and how every human being is unique in their own way.

Bella Hadid shared the post with a beautiful caption expressing her gratitude to her friend and singer Willow and wrote, “I love you and your words. It made me feel a little less lonely and that’s why I’d like to post this. “

Bella Hadid later acknowledged the harsh reality of social media and wrote: “Social media is not real. For anyone struggling, remember that. Sometimes all you have to hear is that you are not alone. So, from me to you, you are not alone. I love you, I see you and I listen to you. Self help and mental illness / chemical imbalance is not linear and is almost like a flowing roller coaster of obstacles … it has its ups and downs and side to side. But I want you to know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and the roller coaster always comes to a complete stop at some point. (There’s always room for it to start over, but it’s always been good for me to know that even if it’s a few days, weeks, or months, it gets better, up to a point, even for a moment.) It took me a long time to keep that in mind, but I’ve had enough breakdowns and burnouts to know this: If you put enough effort on yourself, spending time alone to understand your traumas, triggers, joys, and routine, you will. You can always understand or learn more about your own pain and how to manage it. Which is all you can ask for. In any case. I’m not sure why, but it feels increasingly difficult not to share my truth here. Thank you for having me and thank you for listening to me. I love you.”

Take a look at his post here:

Bella Hadid’s sister Gigi Hadid and her friend Willow Smith poured love into the comment section of her Instagram post.

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