Another innocent raped in Surat, the person who collected the garbage under the pretext of chocolate committed the crime: the man from Surat arrested a minor daughter Rape of Gujarat police tste

History highlights

  • Rape incidents are continuously increasing in Surat
  • Surat police arrested Santosh

The rape and murder case of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl in Gujarat’s Surat city has yet to be resolved as a rape case of another minor girl has come to light in the Varachha area of ​​the city. . . However, the person who made the minor a victim of his lust has been detained by the police.

The name of the person arrested by the Surat City Varachha Police Station is Santosh Chauhan. Santosh Chauhan works as a garbage collector. The drunken Santosh Chauhan had gone to collect garbage outside a bathroom in the Baroda Prestige area of ​​the Varachha Police Station area, when he saw a girl under the age of 12.

He called the girl near the bathroom on the pretext of giving her chocolates and then raped her. When the girl’s scream reached the ears of people passing by, they grabbed Santosh on the spot and handed him over to the police. Upon learning of the girl’s incident, her mother came to the police station and submitted an FIR.

After the public caught the defendant and handed him over to the police, the defendant was formally arrested. Day by day, serious criminal incidents like murder, robbery and rape are increasing in Surat city as there is no fear of Khaki in Surat.

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