Afsana Khan Gets Physical In A Fight With Shamita Shetty, Bigg Boss Exits The Show! – Shocking Bigg Boss 15 contestant Afsana Khan is off the show according to tmov reports.

History highlights

  • Big Boss will see a new twist
  • There are reports of Afsana exiting the program.

The next episodes of Bigg Boss 15 will be quite shocking and packed with drama. Many unexpected twists will be seen in the show. According to the latest reports, the famous Punjabi singer Afsana Khan is off the show. Different reasons are emerging for Afsana’s exit from the program.

Afsana Khan from Bigg Boss?
Sources close to the show have told the E-Times that Afsana Khan had a panic attack on the show. After this, he had to be taken out of Bigg Boss’s house for medical reasons.

At the same time, there are also reports that the singer loses control after Umar Riaz’s Afsana was taken out of the VIP area. During this, Afsana gets into a fierce fight with Shamita Shetty. During the fight, Afsana gets physical with Shamita Shetty.

After Afsana goes physical with Shamita Shetty in the fight, Bigg Boss asks all the family members to meet in the living room and announces that Afsana Khan will have to be off the show due to being physically with Shamita.

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Afsana was seen hurting herself while promoting the show.
Speaking about the new promo for the show, Afsana Khan is seen losing control after being out of the task of going to the VIP area. Not only this, Afsana also talks about committing suicide by picking up a knife from the kitchen area. All members of the family were seen trying to remove a knife from Afsana’s hand. Now, in the next episode of the show, it will be seen if Afsana is off the show due to a panic attack or because of being physical with Shamita. Overall, the next episodes of the show will be a huge blast.

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