ABOVE: Dislike of loving marriage

History highlights

  • The father was angry at his daughter’s loving marriage
  • father-in-law killed son-in-law
  • After the murder, the body was buried in the empty house.
  • The police arrested the accused

A murder case has come to light in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh. In Bhai Dooj, a man killed his son-in-law and buried the body in a well inside the house. The defendant is said to have been very angry at his daughter’s loving marriage. So he took this terrible step. The police took the body in possession and sent it for an autopsy and arrested the defendants.

Ankit, a resident of Sarhan village, used to do sewing work in Noida. It was here that he met a girl from Farrukhabad. They both became friends and fell in love and then they both got married. The girl’s family members were not happy with this marriage due to the fact that they were both of different castes. The girl did not go home with her husband for a year. But they both felt that the family’s anger would have subsided. So they both decided to go home to Bhai Dooj.

buried the corpse after the murder

Given the opportunity, the in-laws killed Ankit and buried the body in the well of the nearby empty house. On suspicion, when the wife inquired about her husband, her family members began to procrastinate. About this, the girl informed her husband’s family about the matter.

After this, the boy’s family reported to the police. Upon arriving at the scene, the police launched an investigation and found a broken mobile on the roof of the house. Then, looking at the closed house in the neighborhood, seeing the fresh earth, the police took some suspicions. The site where Ankit’s buried body was found was subsequently excavated. Family members, including the wife, identified the body.

The police dug up the corpse from the ground

In this regard, the father of the deceased said that his son used to do sewing work in Noida. I came home for the festival. On Monday, he had gone to Noida from home but did not arrive. When we called his wife’s mother and asked about Ankit, she said she came last night and then she left. We had some doubts, then when we got to our daughter-in-law’s maternal house, everyone was missing from here. Then he searched the neighboring house and found a well there. We reported this to the police, then after digging the well, the police recovered Ankit’s body. The relatives of the daughter-in-law also lived in Noida, since then the lives of Ankit and Neha have been recognized.

The police arrested the accused

In this case, the police say that Kanhaiya Lal Awasthi, a resident of the Fatehgarh Kotwali area, filed a complaint in Kotwali city that his son Ankit lived in Noida and had returned home. With this information, the police arrived at the scene and recovered the body from the grave. After registering a case on the basis of Tahrir, the defendant has been arrested. The accused is the father-in-law of the deceased.

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