6 reels from the creator on Badshah’s ‘Jugnu’ that made us dance to those funky beats

There is a new trend in the Instagram block and sure it’s getting ‘grammers to dance to those fantastic rhythms. By Badshah last clue, ‘Jugnu‘has been getting content creators to learn that soft dance routine and jump on the trend bandwagon and we’re not going to lie, we love each and every one of these videos. With a generous pinch of style and loads of amazing vibes, the creators have been nailing this trend. Want Do you know who has tried this trend so far? Scroll!

Ready. Place. Groove!

1. Prajakta Koli

Prajakta Koli also known as MostSane jumped to this’Jugnu ‘ They are fashionable in their vanity and we love their improvised side and laid back vibe in this Reel. Most of Prajakta Coils they are super identifiable and fun, whether you are looking for something ‘Reelspo’, this creator’s account can defo be your destiny.

2. Nagma Mirajkar

I have to trust Nagma Mirajkar to add some unique twists and interesting transitions to Reel trends and challenges of dance. We may have seen this one, too many times. ‘because of the smooth transitions and the change of place. Also, all that Indo-Western feeling in this Reel it’s super awesome, don’t you agree?

3. Zaid darbar AND Gauahar khan

Here’s a couple who love to create something healthy. Coils and he definitely loves to jump Reel trends. Zaid and Gauahar take the ‘JugnuThe dance challenge is so adorable and full of happy and loving vibes. Tbh, here is a confession that we are looking forward to seeing more content from this couple, he he.

Four. Anam darbar

Doing this trend, even more, cooler with that unique touch here is Anam Darbar. As soon as the other Anam enters the frame, that timing seems absolutely mind-blowing, and you’ll want to see it over and over again.

5. Jissa paul

Jissa Paul’s starry nightclub atmosphere in this dance challenge gave us the assurance that “hey, we can set the club floor on fire with this dance routine.” The impeccable coordination and energy of this trio here is just Awweeesomeee.

6. Jiggar thakkar and The Jewili Vaidya

By now, everyone knows that we are addicted to an incredible and smooth transition. Coils especially trends. And we are saving this Reel for that touch of Bollywood and fast changes from Jiggar to Jueili and vice versa in frames. The dance routine is so well done that you can’t blame us if we want to recreate this one.

So here are some Coils by creators in the ‘Jugnu‘dance challenge that had some amazing dance moves, lots of energy, and a ton of style. Like us, we hope you have all the dancing and Reel inspo through the videos of these creators. Also, on a side note, we hope you stay safe and reserve your vaccination slots if you haven’t already.


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