27-year-old girl ‘mother’ of 20-year-old girl, Viral PHOTOS – Mother daughter Viral dance video 20 years Tizziana Sav Martin 27 TSTC

History highlights

  • Images of mother and daughter go viral on social media
  • The age of the mother is 27 years and the age of the daughter is 20 years.

Some photos of mother and daughter are making a lot of noise on social media. The mother is 27 years old and the daughter is 20 years old. Doesn’t it surprise you? In reality, they are both mother and daughter. The age difference between the two is smaller, but the bond between the two is just as strong and deep. They are both very active on social media and post different types of videos. But these special images of mother and daughter are causing a sensation across London. People praise both of them fiercely and congratulate them for maintaining such a strong relationship.

Viral images of Sotali’s mother and daughter

Let me tell you, when Save Martin was 23, she started dating Chris, who owned a salon for 44 years. During this, Chris introduced Martin to his children. At that time her daughter Tiziana was 17 years old and Sev Martil only 7 years older than her. At just 23 years old, she played the role of a stepmother. Tiziana is now 20, Tej 17 and Trinity 13.

27-year-old mother and 20-year-old daughter

Save Martin says it wasn’t easy at first meeting Chris’s kids. Because her oldest daughter was 17 years old. At the time, Chris’s daughter didn’t like it, her father is dating a girl who is almost half his age. But little by little Sev and Tiziana got closer and now the friendship between the two has become so deep that they both live together all the time.

the whole family lives together

Sev Martin says that she became pregnant within 4 months of this relationship. Now they both have two children and all the people live together. At the same time, Chris says that he still feels 30 years old, has a lot of energy.


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