Rakesh Bapat Told Why He Won’t Propose Shamita Shetty At Bigg Boss House 15

Every season of the controversial Indian television and entertainment show Big Boss has a couple of jodis. Very few of these couples stay together even after the show. one of those pairs Rakesh bapat AND Shamita shetty From. Rakesh and Shamita’s partner was made into Big Boss OTT, where initially they both had many misunderstandings, but then both began to understand each other and their friendship turned into love.

Before we could see more of his love, Big Boss OTT ended. But recently, fans were shocked when Rakesh came as a wild card contestant to his beloved on Bigg Boss 15. Seeing the love-filled moments of these two on the show, there was a question in the hearts of all fans as to when Rakesh would propose to him. marriage to Shamita and Rakesh himself gave the answer to this.

He said that he will not propose to Shamita at Big Boss’s house as it is something very personal to him.

Rakesh said-

I will never propose Shamita on national television. This is a very private emotion. Whenever it has to happen, it will happen, but outside of the show. This will be a very special moment for us.

So did you read?

Well, whether on the show or off the show, we are eagerly awaiting this proposal.


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