Rajasthan: Audi car at high speed tramples many people, one worker dies, 9 injured – CCTV Video Viral accident Audi car hits many people Scooty 16 year old girl injured Death Hospital Jodhpur Rajasthan tstc

History highlights

  • Uncontrolled Audi car rammed into a poor neighborhood
  • Many people trampled, 1 dead, 9 injured
  • Chief Minister Secured of Aid

The chaos of speed has been seen in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Where one person died in a traffic accident and 9 people were seriously injured.

CCTV footage of this incident has gone viral. In which it is clearly visible that a high-speed Audi car struck the girl driving the scooter from behind for the first time. Due to which she jumped several meters in the air and fell to the ground and was seriously injured. Subsequently, the car entered the slums built on the side of the road, causing many people to be injured and the worker died.

Speed ​​wreaks havoc in Jodhpur

According to the police, the driver of an Audi car Amit Nangal, who is in his 50s, is a resident of Subhash Nagar. Amit was driving towards Pal Road. At the same time, before the gasoline on AIIMS Road, the car suddenly spun out of control in the middle of the crowd, so many people were caught. The driver of the car first hit the cyclist, then the uncontrolled car entered the slums built on the side of the road. Many people were injured in this accident, the condition of two remains critical.

The police admitted the wounded to the hospital.

After this incident, the owner of the car Amit Nangal arrived at the Basni police station. Where you informed the police about this accident. Upon arriving at the scene, the police immediately admitted the wounded to the AIIMS hospital in Jodhpur. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the chief minister, Ashok Gehlot, arrived at the hospital to meet the injured. Where he ordered to give 2 lakh to the deceased family and 1 lakh to seriously injured people and 50 thousand to other wounded.

Police involved in the investigation of the case

SHO Likhmaram from the Chaupasni Housing Board Police Station said that one case has been recorded in this incident. The driver Amit Nangal is being questioned and the Audi car number RJ14 CU 4688 belongs to Amit. It has a factory in the Basni area. The investigation of this matter is being seriously investigated.


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