Mumbai: No threat to Ambani family, Gujarat tourists became ‘suspicious’, wanted to see Antilia – Antilla case update Tourist asked for taxi driver from mukesh ambani’s house without threat ntc

History highlights

  • The taxi driver had called the police control room in doubt.
  • Tourists came to visit Mumbai from Gujarat

Security at Mukesh Ambani’s home, Antilia, in Mumbai, was tightened on Monday. According to a report, the Mumbai Police Control Room had received a call from a taxi driver. In which the driver told him that about two people are asking about Antilia’s location. According to the police, the taxi driver who gave the information said there were two people. Among them was a man with a beard. Who asked the location of Antilia near the courtyard of the fort. They both also had a bag. Following this information, the police also reviewed the CCTV images of that area.

It is said that three people came from Kutch in Gujarat on Monday, visited tourist places like Gateway of India and wanted to see other places too. So the driver of his tourist car asked another taxi driver for Antilia’s address. Although the taxi driver first asked him to search online, but then he pointed the way. In such a situation, all those tourists came to see Antilia and then left for Gujarat on the same Monday.

After which the taxi driver became suspicious and reported to the police control room. In the case, when Mumbai police tracked down the driver of the alleged tourist car on Monday night, it was clear that there was no danger. The driver, who was arrested in Vashi, has no criminal record and was released.

Antilia case

Let us report that the famous industrialist Mukesh Ambani lives with his relatives in the 27-story Antilia in Mumbai. On February 25 of this year, a car loaded with jelly rods was recovered on the outskirts of Antilia. A threatening note was also found in that vehicle, in which the Ambani family was threatened. There was also a boil in Maharashtra politics regarding this matter.

In the investigation, it was discovered that the vehicle belonged to a businessman named Mansukh Hiren, who had already filed a complaint for theft of his car a week ago. But a week after the matter came to light, Mansukh Hiren’s body was found in Mumbra Creek. Mumbai Crime Branch API Sachin Waje was arrested for planning this whole case. who is still in jail. He was fired from the police service.

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