Just before the biggest twist of the season, Shamita Shetty-Raqesh Bapat enjoys a lovely dinner

The fights and the drama just don’t seem to end in Bigg Boss 15. And although yesterday, the contestants had to face a huge challenge with Bigg Boss taking away the basic food requirements, tonight we will witness the biggest twist of this season. Yes, the VIP area will be brought into the house today and everyone in that area will have a good chance of reaching the final. For being the captain, Umar Riaz you have already secured a ticket to the zone, however other contestants will have to win tasks to secure a spot in that zone.

Now, with this twist, we will see the contestants having a tough fight. But it will all start with them keeping points on why they deserve to be in that zone.

Check out the video here:

But aside from the big twist, the highlight will also be Raqesh Bapat | and Shamita shettythe dinner date. For the first time after Bigg Boss OTT, We will see #ShaRa have a moment of love in the house. And let me tell you, it will be very romantic.

Check out the video here:

Going back to the VIP area, wouldn’t it be interesting to know who will do it? Well I’m supporting Jay bhanushali and Karan kundrraand hopefully we’ll find out soon.


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