Bengal: Mamta government organized Chhath Puja on 132 ghats in Kolkata

History highlights

  • Preparations for Chhath Mahaparv completed in Calcutta
  • Ravindra Sarovar cannot be used

Preparations for Chhath Mahaparv have been completed in Calcutta. The state government has made Chhath arrangements on 132 ghats in Kolkata. Volunteers from the Kolkata Police and Administration will be there on all these 132 Hooghly River ghats.

At the same time, a place to change clothes has also been arranged for women in each ghat. Not only this, apart from 132 Hooghly ghats, arrangements have been made for Chhath in 8 bodies of water in Kolkata and its surrounding areas.

Actually, for those who live far away and cannot come to the Ganges ghats, arrangements have been made for these bodies of water. But the administration will not allow Ravindra Sarovar to be used for Chhath. All doors have been closed to keep Ravindra Sarovar free from contamination.

Minister Farhad Hakim said there is less chance of contamination in the Hooghly River due to Chhath, as only eco-friendly things like coconut and fruits are submerged. The administration has not given any separate guidelines for Chhath, but a call has been made for all people to follow the Crown’s rules for celebrating Chhath Mahaparv, especially by bathing while staying away from each other. The state government has announced a Chhath holiday. Mamta Banerjee herself also goes to the Hooghly ghats in Chhath.

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