Alanna Panday gets engaged to her boyfriend Ivor McCray in a very romantic way

My sincere congratulations to Alanna Panday for committing to Ivor McCray! They both shared their engagement photos on their respective Instagram accounts to inform their friends and family about the beginning of their beautiful journey as a couple. Alanna and her boyfriend were in an internal relationship until now and the couple made their relationship official by getting engaged. Alanna Panday is a model and actress cousin. Ananya panday and the actor’s niece Thick panday.

It happened on a beautiful beach in the Maldives and a heart-shaped setup with “Marry me?” gigantic written in the sand. In the pictures, we can see Ivor kneeling to propose to Alanna.

Sharing the image, Alanna wrote:

I didn’t realize it was possible to love another human so much until I met you. Thank you for making me smile every day and loving me unconditionally. You really make me the happiest human being on this planet @ ivor I can’t wait to have a family with you! ♾💍

The couple have been together for the past two years, which was revealed in one of Alanna’s posts. She captioned it saying:

Today 2 years ago, I met this amazing human at a Halloween party. It made me laugh so hard that night that my jaw ached. Everything else seems pretty blurry, but all I can remember is how happy it made me. We moved in together for 3 months to get to know each other (I know, too soon, but I literally couldn’t get away from him for more than a day). I think it was because it made a foreign country feel like home. I never felt homesick when I was around him. ❤️
Thank you for cooking Indian food for me when I missed home, thank you for making me laugh when I was feeling down, thank you for showing me how to love unconditionally. You are my perfect other half and I love you more every day @ivor ♾

Friends and family showered her engagement posts with immense love. Alanna’s mother Deanne panday He commented, “God bless you both and welcome to the @ivor family.” Bhavana panday He also dropped hearts in the comments. They both make a very good couple and these photos are pure meta!

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