Ahmednagar: There was chaos in the hospital due to a fire, to save him, if they took him off the ventilator, he lost his life

Strict action has been taken against doctors and nurses in the case of fire at Ahmednagar District Hospital. The police arrested the doctor, three nurses, accused of negligence. before yesterday
Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope had said that district surgeon Sunil Pokharna, medical officer Suresh Dhakne, medical officer Visakha Shinde and ward nurse Sapna Pathare had been suspended, while the services of nurses from plant Asma Sheikh and Channa Anant had been suspended.

Removal of the oxygen cylinder proved fatal
Amid a fire that broke out in the ICU of Ahmednagar Civil Hospital in Maharashtra on Saturday morning, removing patients from ventilators and oxygen cylinders to save them from the fire proved fatal. Firefighters were unable to enter the hospital’s main entrance due to smoke. A fire department official said that in an atmosphere of panic, screaming and panic, fire department personnel attempted to put out the fire by breaking glass windows.

One official claimed that most of the patients were elderly and most of them used ventilators or oxygen. This made the rescue operation more complicated. According to the official who first arrived at the scene after the fire broke out around 11 a.m., around 20 corona-infected patients were being treated in the ICU. He said there were 15 patients on ventilator or oxygen.

While saving him was the priority, due to his critical condition, it was a difficult decision to remove his oxygen support and remove him, the official said. According to the official, “After deliberation, we decided to take them out in some way and then put them back in oxygen or other systems.

Union Minister Dr. Bharti Pawar said the inquiry committee will present the report to the state and the center.
Union Minister Dr. Bharti Pawar said on Saturday that a six-member investigative committee had been set up to investigate the fire incident. Pawar, Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, had visited the hospital in the afternoon.

After that, he said that 17 patients suffering from Kovid-19 were admitted to the ICU. These patients were removed after the fire broke out, he told reporters. However, 11 of those patients died. I am sorry for this.

I have met six patients and their families. These patients are in treatment. An investigation committee has been formed. The picture will become clear after the committee presents its report.

Responding to a question, Pawar said the central government regularly sends instructions to hospitals to conduct fire safety audits. The minister said the report is awaited and strict measures will be taken against the culprits.


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