7 reels of Zaid Darbar that show his love for South Indian cinema

For creators Instagram It is very similar to their home, where they share their tastes and interests with their followers. Yes Instagram is their home, so obviously the followers are like their fam. Netizens support his favorite creators through likes, comments, shares, fan pages, and edits. One of those creators who receives immense love from all his fans is Zaid darbar. Everybody Zanemans You would already be familiar with how much you like various cultures. So today, we have put together some of your Coils in which he revealed his love for South Indian cinema.

Super mother ready, ready 1, 2, 3, 4 …

1. Launch Bomma

He is totally winning our hearts by dancing to this famous fast number. Needless to say, he absolutely nailed the firm’s footsteps here and, we’re not surprised. because This is not the first time that he has shown that he is a born dancer.

2. Psycho Re

Even though it’s a song by a Bollywood movie, has all the elements that show his love for South Indian songs. Zaid and Naveen Sharma are totally adding their strut move and improve this Reel to the max. The vibe of this song is so ILLUMINATED that even we can’t stop looping.

3. Why this? Kolaveri Di

He’s defo swinging the dhoti and shirt in this Reel. With her wonderful dance moves, she is instantly spreading a festive vibe here. And of course, if it’s the song ‘wfor this kolaveri di ‘ Playing in the background will instinctively make our feet hit.

Four. Chhoti history

In this Reel, has used the Hindi version of the Tamil song, Kutti history. Just when the lyrics say, he is doing his best to make sure that all Zanemans they are always happy and in awe of his performance. He is so good at dancing in all styles of dance that we are left wanting more of his fun. Coils forever.

5. Dada Chalte to mass

Get ready to see some Tollywood moves caught style in the post above. All about this Reel it is Mass. In this Reel, we can see all the elements that a Tamil movie has, including the intro of the hero who enters with style, his passion and much more. Also, doesn’t he look like a Tollywood hero in this video?

6. Blockbuster

Here’s a super energetic Reel by Zaid who literally dragged us all off our feet. He literally has that talent for making all his videos blockbusters with his style. no? you prolly he can’t deny us when we say there’s no dance style, he can’t ace.

7. Ringa Ringa

In this Reel, is showing us something pure dappankuthu does it move. He’s totes killing‘those dance steps with his squad. Not to mention the Flame flame the song is making us all want we dance our hearts along with him. So if you are a South Indian fan, you can learn some dance moves from Zaid.

And that’s it boys. So did everyone enjoy this trip to the world of South India? Well now that you’ve found your dance teacher to learn something dappankuthu she moves, check her profile right away to start your dance masterclass today, he he! On another note, we hope all of you they stay safe at home while they reserve their vaccination places.


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