What type of egg is beneficial? Most people make this big mistake when eating them – Egg protein nutritionist shares an ideal way to eat them tlif

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Eggs are said to be a treasure trove of protein. People all over the world like to eat eggs for breakfast. Although people cook eggs in different ways according to their desire. For example, some people like to eat hard-boiled eggs, while others eat them by making egg pudding. At the same time, some people like to eat omelette with bread. It doesn’t matter how you eat the eggs, but one way or another, definitely include it in your diet.

Although nutritionists say that how the egg is benefiting health, it also largely depends on how you prepare it. Your recipe tells you how much protein present in eggs enters your body. Dietitian and nutritionist Namami Agarwal shared how eating eggs can be more beneficial for you through her Instagram post.

Namami wrote in his post: “A curious fact is that most of the nutrients in an egg are present in the yolk, that is, in the yellow part. By eating the whole egg, that is, its white layer and yellow part together, the body gets the right balance of protein, spreads and calories. By eating eggs in this combination, most people’s stomachs stay full for a long time and they feel more satisfied.

Eggs are considered a superfood. Health experts say that eggs are packed with all kinds of essential nutrients, which are lacking in the modern diet. One whole egg contains vitamin A – 6 percent, vitamin B5 – 7 percent, vitamin B12 – 9 percent, phosphorus – 9 percent, vitamin B2 – 15 percent, and selenium 22 percent. Therefore, when making the egg, pay attention to its yellow part as well.


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