Pakistani Navy fires at Indian boat a murdered fisherman detained India will file ntc protest

History highlights

  • Indian fisherman killed in shootout
  • India to file protest against Pakistan’s action

An Indian fisherman was killed and another wounded in an unprovoked gunshot by the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA). India will register its protest on Pakistan’s understanding on the matter.

Indian fisherman Shridhar Chamre was killed aboard a registered fishing boat, Jal Pari in Gujarat, in a shot by Pak agencies. Sources told India Today that the incident took place on November 6, where the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency opened fire on a fishing boat for no reason.

An Indian fisherman was killed and another was injured in this shooting. The injured fisherman is being treated at a hospital in Okha, Gujarat.

Violation of UNCLOS

Shooting at fishing boats is a clear violation of UNCLOS (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea). In such a situation, India will address this issue diplomatically with Pakistan.

A source said: “We have taken this incident seriously. We are going to address this matter diplomatically with Pakistan. The matter is under investigation and further information will be shared at an appropriate time.”

Pak alleges attempted invasion

Meanwhile, Pakistan justifies the action by claiming that the ship “illegally” attempted to “invade” Pakistani territory.

Pakistan says that: “Pakistan Maritime Security Agency ships tried to stop the trespassing ship. The ship did not respond even after repeated warnings. The PMSA ship did not respond to the warning in the vicinity of the Indian ship. They fired but Still the ship did not stop its engine. After this, PMSA fired directly at the Indian ship, after which it stopped. “

The statement said that Indian products are in the custody of Pakistan. “An Indian citizen died on board and another 6 indigenous people have been detained for questioning.

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