Madhuri Dixit’s son Ryan cut his hair long, knowing why, praised Shilpa Shetty – Madhuri Dixit Son Ryan donates his hair to the Cancer Society on the occasion of National Cancer Day watch video tmov

History highlights

  • Madhuri’s son donated his hair to the Cancer Society
  • The actress shared the video of her son.
  • Shilpa Shetty praises Madhuri’s son

On the occasion of National Cancer Day, Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit’s youngest son Ryan donated his hair to cancer patients. Proud mother Madhuri Dixit gave this information by sharing a video of her son Ryan on her social media account on October 7. In the video, the actress’s son is seen cutting his long hair to donate to cancer patients. The video of Madhuri’s son is becoming increasingly viral on social media platforms.

Video of Chhaya Madhuri’s son on the Internet

By sharing the son’s video, Madhuri also wrote a touching emotional note. Madhuri said in the note that her son Ryan is very sad to see people undergo chemotherapy for cancer. So he sacrificed his son to donate to the Cancer Society. Madhuri said it took her son about 2 years to grow such a long hair length.

watch the video here

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Madhuri wrote an emotional note.

Madhuri wrote in her post: Not all heroes wear caps, but my hero does. On the occasion of National Cancer Day, I want to share something special. Ryan is heartbroken that so many people are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Whatever happens, their hair falls out. My son decided to donate his hair to the Cancer Society. We, as parents, are very happy and excited about your decision. According to the guidelines, it took them around 2 years to grow this length of hair and this was the final step.

Shilpa-Farah praised Ryan
This decision by Madhuri Dixit’s son Ryan is being greatly appreciated. Many Bollywood celebrities praise it in the comment section. Actress Shilpa Shetty has also given her reaction. Shilpa commented – Very beautiful idea. Farah Khan also praised Ryan when commenting on Madhuri’s video. He wrote: How sensitive and kind this is.

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