Karnataka: Interior Minister Gyanendra accuses congressional leaders of scam, claims Shivakumar

History highlights

  • Shivakumar calls Interior Minister Gyanendra ‘crazy’
  • Congressional leaders were charged with scam

Karnataka Pradesh Congressional Committee (KPCC) Chairman DK Shivakumar attacked Karnataka Interior Minister Araga Gyanendra on Sunday. Shivakumar even called him insane for accusing the leaders of Congress of being involved in the bitcoin scam.

He said: ‘The Minister of the Interior is a madman. According to me, he is crazy. Which son of a leader is involved in the scam, let it come out first. There is no leader of Congress.

DK Shivakumar said that the Congress party is asking the CM to hand over the letter that was written to the ED to handle the Srikrishna Ramesh case.

Shivakumar said: ‘We are asking you to first hand us the letter you have given to the ED or the central government because they say there is a criminal investigation report with all the details. It should be public. CM says he has written to ED so it should be a public document.

DK Shivakumar says that BJP is repeatedly throwing mud at Congress to divert attention from its internal issues so that it can divert everyone’s attention from its internal conflict. They are trying to create confusion.

In fact, on Wednesday, Interior Minister Araga Gyanendra refuted the congressional accusation that the ruling BJP was protecting influential people in the matter. He posed the question: ‘Hacker Shriki was caught in an incident in UB City (a popular shopping mall) in 2018. Why didn’t the then CM Siddaramaiah arrest him? When two leaders of Congress were captured with their children, why didn’t they arrest and investigate?

He further said: ‘When we caught Shriki in the drug scandal, we learned that he is also involved in the bitcoin scam. That is why we have recommended an investigation by the Directorate of Enforcement (ED) and Interpol.


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