“I didn’t see myself as a hero

Chris Pratt passed up the opportunity to audition for the role of Star-Lord initially (Photo Credit: Still Image / Guardians of the Galaxy Poster)

Chris Pratt tried to pass up the opportunity to play the role of the Star-Lord in one of the best franchises, Guardians of the Galaxy. The actor has played the title role, which fans adore. Currently slated to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 alongside him, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Sean Gunn and Elizabeth Debicki are expected to return.

The biggest casting news for the third part is that Will Poulter will be joining the franchise as Adam Warlock, making it the actor’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although the film will be released in 2023, fans are already excited about it.

Amid all the talk surrounding the movie, some new information has been revealed. Marvel’s book, The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, reveals that Chris Pratt was initially reluctant to play a character as Star-Lord. As reported by CBR, Pratt says in the book, “At the time, as an actor, I really didn’t think I was the right fit for Quill.”

“It was really redefining who I was as an actor. I didn’t think it would fit in unless I was playing a supporting character. I didn’t see myself as a Star-Lord type, or a hero type. This is going to sound crazy, but I even missed the opportunity to audition a few times, “added Chris Pratt in the book. Jeremey Latcham, the executive producer of Guardians of the Galaxy, also shared that it was his wife who thought the actor would be perfect for the role.

“I remember showing her all the audition tapes and she was like, ‘Do you want someone cute and funny? The boy from Everwood. I think he’s at Parks and Rec now. But at Everwood, he was so hot, ‘”Latcham explained.

Chris Pratt as Star-Lord seems to be the excellent choice, as the actor brings an easygoing charisma and charm that everyone likes.

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