How to Invest Money in the Paytm IPO of Paytm is an emerging game! – paytm ipo application process through paytm without demat tuta account

History highlights

  • IPO price band Rs 2,080 to Rs 2,150 per share
  • The retail investor will have to invest a minimum of Rs 12,900

The largest Paytm IPO in the country has been opened. Investors will be able to apply for this IPO from today until November 10. If you are thinking of investing in this IPO. But if you don’t have a demat account, then how to apply. No need to panic, you can also invest in Paytm IPO without demat account.

If you want to invest money in the Paytm IPO, you can apply for this IPO only through Paytm. It’s so easy to apply. You can apply this apo in a few seconds from your mobile Paytm account.

Apply for Paytm IPO without Demat account

First, to apply for the Paytm IPO, open Paytm on your mobile. After that, click on Invest in IPO in your Featured category. After which the Paytm IPO will appear up front. Clicking on it will open the page to invest in IPO, where the information about the price band (2080-2150) and the lot size will be available. The retail investor must select Retail under Investor Type. According to the Paytm app, the investor will have to invest at least Rs 12,480 according to the lowest price band.

How much money will have to be invested?

The company has kept the price band for this IPO at Rs 2,080 to Rs 2,150 per share, and it has a lot size of 6 shares. Depending on the Price Bank (Paytm IPO Price Band) and lot size, the retail investor will need to order at least 6 shares. Based on the upper price band, investors will need to invest a minimum of Rs 12,900. Retail investors can apply for a maximum of 15 lots in this IPO, for which they will have to pay Rs 193,500.

According to the rules, the retail investment must be requested for at least one lot. If you apply a lot in the Paytm IPO, you will have to invest Rs 12,900 for this. Paytm has decided to increase the size of its initial public offering to Rs 18,300 crore. Before it was 16.6 billion rupees.

Let us tell you that the Paytm IPO will be the largest initial public offering in the country. Previously, Coal India had launched an IPO of 15 billion rupees. Company founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma will sell his stake of up to Rs 402.65 million in the OFS of Paytm IPO.

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