Gas and Diesel Price Relief

Gas and Diesel Price Relief

New Delhi. There has been relief from rising gasoline and diesel prices for the fourth day in a row today. That is, customers will get the full benefit of the deduction received on Diwali even today. The oil companies have released the prices of gasoline and diesel for today, according to which oil prices have remained stable for the fourth day in a row today. Just before Diwali, the central government had announced a big relief on gasoline and diesel, after which the states and union territories also announced price cuts. So far, 23 states and union territories have provided additional relief to their clients. Just yesterday, Punjab announced an additional price cut from its level.

Know what the price of gasoline and diesel is today.

During the last 3 days after the festival relay.
Petrol in Delhi 103.97 rupees and diesel 86.67 rupees per liter
Gasoline in Mumbai 109.98 rupees and diesel 94.14 rupees per liter
Gasoline in Chennai Rs 101.40 and diesel Rs 91.43 per liter
Petrol in Kolkata 104.67 rupees and diesel 89.79 rupees per liter
Gasoline in Lucknow Rs 95.28 and Diesel Rs 86.80 per liter
Petrol in Jaipur 111.10 rupees and diesel 95.71 rupees per liter
Gasoline at Shimla Rs 95.78 and Diesel Rs 80.35 per liter
Gasoline at Dehradun Rs 94 and diesel Rs 87.32 per liter
Gasoline in Bhopal Rs 107.23 and Diesel Rs 90.87 per liter
Gasoline at Ranchi Rs 98.52 and Diesel Rs 91.56 per liter
Petrol Rs 100.58 and Diesel Rs 85.01 per liter in Bangalore
the level is done.

The great gift of deduction was given in the holiday season.

On November 3, the central government had announced a reduction of the excise tax on gasoline and diesel by Rs 5 and 10 per liter, respectively, to provide relief to the general public. After this, as of Saturday, 22 states and union territories have cut local tax rates (Value Added-VAT). The Union Territories of Ladakh, Karnataka and Puducherry have made the maximum deduction. Gasoline prices in these three states have fallen by Rs 13.43, Rs 13.35 and Rs 12.85 per liter, respectively. In the above three states, the public got relief of Rs 19.61, Rs 19.49 and Rs 19.08 per liter, respectively, in diesel prices. On the other hand, Punjab has cut gasoline by 10 rupees and diesel by 5 rupees per liter on Sunday.

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