Delhi: It’s not snow, it’s Yamuna’s slime! chhath 2021 people dive into yamuna river near kalindi kunj amid toxic foam ntc

History highlights

  • Chhath festival starts from today
  • Poisonous foam floating in Yamuna

The great festival of Chhath has started from today. Chhath festival is celebrated on the sixth day of the month of Kartik, 6 days after Deepawali. There is a tradition of bathing and eating on the first day of this festival, which is celebrated for 4 days. The Chhath festival is also being celebrated in the capital Delhi, but the images coming out of the Chhath Ghats here are shocking.

Poisonous foam or slime has accumulated here in the Yamuna River, and meanwhile the devotees were bathing. However, due to Corona, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has not allowed Chhath Puja on the banks of the Yamuna River.

According to the news agency, a poisonous foam floats on the Yamuna River in the Kalindi Kunj area. The devotees bathe in the middle of this foam.

The air in the capital Delhi has become toxic due to burning stubble in neighboring states and fireworks after Diwali. The ammonia level has risen in the Yamuna River, so foam has formed here. The water supply is also being cut off due to rising ammonia levels.

Politics too fast …

The policy has also escalated after images of bathrooms appeared amid the foam in Yamuna. BJP Leader Amit Malviya surrounded Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, tweeting. At the same time, BJP deputy Manoj Tiwari also surrounded the Kejriwal government and said that for this reason there was a ban on celebrating Chhath Puja on the banks of the Yamuna.

The tradition of bathing and eating today in Chhath

The Chhath festival is celebrated for four days. Taking a bath on the first day, Kharna on the second day, offering Arghya to the setting and rising sun on the third and fourth days respectively while standing in a river or pond.

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