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History highlights

  • baby born with tail
  • the doctors did the operation

Child born with a tail: A baby was born in Brazil with a tail 4 inches (10.16 cm) long. The doctors who delivered the boy were shocked to see this rare incident. The baby was born with a ‘human tail’ and its last part was round like a cricket ball. Delivery and surgery to remove the tail were described in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery case reports.

According to the ‘Mirror UK’ report, this case is from the Albert Sabin Children’s Hospital in Brazil. Here a child was born, whose ‘tail’ came out. However, a team of doctors operated on and successfully removed that tail.

there was no bone in the tail

Doctors said the length of the boy’s tail had increased to 4 inches. The last end of this tail was like a ball. No cartilage or bone was found on the tail. So far, only 40 cases have been reported in the world of being born with a boneless tail.

Doctors said that a tail develops in the child’s fetus in the womb, but is then normally absorbed into the body. However, in extremely rare cases, this does not happen and the tail continues to grow. This case is similar.

It was only after an ultrasound that doctors confirmed that the tail was not attached to his nervous system, meaning it could be removed through an operation. This baby was born prematurely after approximately 35 weeks of gestation.

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