Chhath Puja 2021 – Chhath festival started with bathing and eating, take care of these things today

History highlights

  • Chhath festival starts from today
  • Take care of these things in the worship method of bathing.

The beginning of the great feast of Chhath is Chhath that begins today, that is, from November 8. This festival is celebrated for four days. Taking a bath on the first day, Kharna on the second day, offering Arghya to the setting and rising sun on the third and fourth days respectively while standing in a river or pond. Let us know about the bathing worship method and some special things today.

What to do in the bathroom today?
Take a shower in the morning and wear a new saree or other clothing. Women clean the forehead by applying vermilion. Make a stove or clean the gas stove by covering the clay for the Chhath offerings and dishes. At the beginning of the strong fast, eat salt for the last time today. Rice, rice and rock salt will be prepared to make pumpkin, that is, pumpkin vegetable. All the people in the house will eat the same. Thekua will become the main prasad of Chhath.

chhath puja material
Collect Chhath Puja items like Basket, Burbot, Fruits, Candy, Coconut, Sugarcane, Vegetables. Apart from this, a glass for milk and water, sweet potato and succulents, betel nut and turmeric, green radish and ginger plant, large sweet lemon, custard apple, banana and pear, coconut with water, sweets, brown sugar, wheat, rice . and flour.Don’t forget to bring new clothes such as a suit or saree made from Thekua, rice, vermilion, lamp, honey and incense.

Chhath puja 2021 calendar
November 8, 2021, Monday (Nahay-Khay)
November 9, 2021, Tuesday (Kharna)
November 10, 2021, Wednesday – (Arghya in the setting sun)
November 11, 2021, Friday (Arghya to the rising sun)

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