CBI arrests former Assam CM son Ashok Saikia accused of non-payment of Ntc loan

History highlights

  • Ashok Saikia, former son of CM arrested
  • Ashok Saikia accused of loan default

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested Ashok Saikia, son of the former (late) Chief Minister of Assam Hiteshwar Saikia, in the loan scam case. CBI arrested Ashok Saikia from Guwahati. The whole matter is related to the loan from the Assam Agricultural and Cooperative Development Bank.

The local court had issued a court order without bail against Ashok. The case dates back to 1998, in which the CBI began the investigation by registering a case in 2001. Officials said Ashok Saikia did not appear in court even after receiving repeated subpoenas.

CBI officers will present Ashok Saikia in court on Monday. According to a news agency report, the opposition leader in the Assam Legislative Assembly and Ashok’s older brother Devvrat Saikia said that Ashok was taken with him by a team of CBI officers on Sunday night. .

‘I have no debt’

Ashok Saikia said: ‘I had repaid my loan in 2011 according to ASCARD’s letter. By official letter dated October 28, 2015, the Bank’s General Manager has informed that I have no quotas. The CBI team suddenly came to my house and said that I had a debt left. Whereas prior to this he had not received any notification of any kind from the IWC or the court. He also said: I do not know why the CBI links me in some fictitious case. Only the CBI or the government know.


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