Bray Wyatt along with Karrion Kross to join AEW?

Karrion Kross makes a cryptic comment while reacting to Bray Wyatt’s tweet (Photo credit: Instagram / Twitter)

Windham Rotunda, aka Bray Wyatt, has been making noise about his next destiny in professional wrestling. He is now joined by several other recently released WWE stars. And outside of them, Karrion Kross has definitely dropped the clue as to where he’s headed.

WWE dropped a much bigger bombshell last week by releasing some promising names. The two names that surprised us the most were Keith Lee and Karrion Kross. After making them stars on NXT, the company was unable to handle them on the main roster. Now everyone is definitely looking forward to his next move and it seems like Kross has made it clear what the next destination is for him.

Right after the latest round of releases, Bray Wyatt took to Twitter and shared a cryptic tweet. He wrote: “What do we do now? We wait for the right place. We wait for the right moment. Then we turn Rome to ashes. “Crawling in the mud of greed” I believe in you too. “Reacting to this, Karrion Kross has shared a very vocal response.

Kross reacted by sharing a gif that said, “I have a feeling we’re going to see each other.”

Now, as Bray Wyatt is said to be linked to AEW very soon, Kross has just hinted at what his next possible place to fight might be.

Meanwhile, right after the 90-day non-compete clause recently ended, Wyatt removed WWE from his username. His new username is ‘Windham6’, whereas before it was ‘WWEBrayWyatt’. That was the biggest possible hint confirming that he will not be returning to WWE for sure!

Unlike CM Punk, Adam Cole, and other stars, there is no clarity on Wyatt’s future as everything has been properly kept on hold. Many professional wrestling fans believe that he could join AEW very soon.

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