‘When there is a ban in Bihar, where do you get liquor?’ Asks the son who lost his father – Bihar Hooch Tragedy

History highlights

  • The son had done the FIR twice against the father.
  • The police had scolded the son and took no action.
  • Police negligence came to the fore in the Gopalganj poison liquor scandal

Tragedy of Bihar Hooch: The negligence of the police in Gopalganj Hooch Tragedy has come to the fore. Responsibility for monitoring the liquor ban in Bihar rests with the police administration. But even after reporting to the police, no action is taken. The son who lost a father has reported to the Bihar police.

This is the heartache of the son who lost his father to a spurious liquor. Son Vishal gets angry as he says about Chunnu Pandey who was the victim of a poisonous liquor, Vishal says his father used to drink alcohol, he used to fight with his mother. Disturbed by this, he had filed a FIR against his father twice at the Sidhavaliya Police Station.

The first time in December 2020 and the second in June 2021, he also told the police in his FIR that when there is a ban in Bihar, where does his father get liquor from?

He did not get a satisfactory response to this complaint and the SHO at Sidhavaliya Police Station reprimanded him and he escaped. After talking a lot, the father was arrested and sent to jail, but he did not find out where the liquor is made and where it is sold. Vishal says his motive was not to send his father to jail, but he hoped the police would take action against the liquor mafia. Vishal said that if the police had acted on the liquor mafia, my father would have been alive today.

Many people lost their lives to alcohol.

Chunnu Pandey, 45, died of alcohol addiction. On November 2, when Dhanteras was being celebrated, he had returned home after drinking alcohol from Mohammadpur, 5 km away. As soon as he got home, he lost his sight. He died the same night.

At the same time, Rajkumar Mishra, 40, died on Saturday. Rajkumar used to lead the beat, his son said that his father used to drink alcohol every day, even if he refused, he did not agree. Rajkumar has 3 daughters and a son. 2 daughters have not yet married. When asking his daughter Kusum, she was stunned, she said: – If there was no alcohol available, my father would have been alive today, wife Meena Devi is also in bad shape from crying. The biggest problem facing the family is, how will their expenses go? Because he was the only source of income.

More than 20 dead in Mohammedpur poison liquor case

More than 20 people have died in the Mohammadpur poison liquor scandal, but the autopsy was only 13, so the official figure is only 13. Relatives of those who died in poison liquor say the liquor is sold openly in Harijan Toli of Mohammadpur Ward 4 and most of the dead had consumed the same liquor even on the day of the incident.

The police were also fully aware of this, but steps were taken just to show off. Police arrested three defendants sealing 2 houses. It is said that until a few months ago the house of a defendant of Indira Awas was built but now a good building has been built on it. This is the result of illegal earnings from alcohol. There is mourning in Mohammadpur, this year people did not celebrate Diwali and now there will be Chhath Puja.


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