VIDEO: Girl beating kachodi onion seller viral video social media ntc

History highlights

  • The girls’ fuss over not getting onions
  • flipped the handcart, slapped

A video of a girl making a fuss on social media is going viral. In the video, the girl is fighting with a sponge cake, slapping it and when she gets angry, her bicycle along with all the belongings also overturns. Now all this is happening just because the shortbread vendor did not give the girl onion along with the food.

It is seen in the viral video that the girl demands onions from the kachori person. The seller tells you that the onion has run out, so it will not be available. The girl gets angry about this matter and tells the merchant many lies. On the other hand, when the man with the shortbread asks for her money, the girl becomes more irritable and begins to abuse. Check out this viral video here …

No onion with butter cookies, girl fuss

Seeing the girl fight, some others try to appease her. They say that the poor should be given their money. But in a fit of rage, that girl doesn’t listen to anyone and starts talking back to them. The point is reached when that girl angrily kicks the shortbread man cycle. It is seen in the video that the girl kicks her bike hard and all the cookies and vegetables from the grocer are scattered on the road.

Seeing this, the people who are there are also opposed, but the girl does not listen to anyone and continues to refuse to give money. Now the person who is making this video, the girl is also seen threatening him. She is saying: you will fall too, stop the video. The matter did not end there. The girl who was verbally fighting earlier slaps the merchant twice at the end. Others also say that she is taking advantage of being a girl, but she does not care and continues with her fuss. Where the video is from, it is not yet known.

Scripted or original, not clear

Ever since this video went viral on social media, people are trolling that girl. Everyone seems to be supporting that merchant. But here it is also necessary to know that the reality of this video is not yet known. Whether it is a scripted video or something like this actually happened, it is unconfirmed. In such a situation, what is the truth of the viral video is still unclear.

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