Urfi javed asked users questions while sharing photos that users said they will one day leave sunny leone

Contestants on the reality show Bigg Boss are always in the headlines. Bigg Boss OTT celebrity Urfi Javed is also one of them. Urfi may not be able to last long on the show, but he has made a special place in the hearts of fans. Urfi Javed dominates social media after exiting the show. The actress is dominated by her peculiar sense of fashion. Every photo and video of Urfi goes viral. He recently posted a photo, which is very hot. At the same time, Urfi has also asked users a question.

share photos on instagram

In fact Urfi Javed has shared some photos on Instagram. Netizens’ senses were blown away after watching them. In these images, Urfi is seen wrapping a bralette and an animal print scarf. The actress looks very sexy in this outfit. He flaunts his sexy figure.

Fan question

All the photos of Urfi Javed are on fire. Wrote the caption in the post, I’m going to Goa, always a beach baby. Write your favorite beach destination in the comments. Where many people have written the name of Goa, Maldives and Bali. At the same time, some people have targeted the actress. One user wrote, earning a name for short clothes, while others commented that one day Sunny will leave Leone behind.

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