‘They beat me, they tortured me’, Sunil Patil’s serious accusation of a BJP worker in a drug case – aaryan khan sunil patil ncp bjp manish bhanushali ntc drug case

History highlights

  • Sunil Patil’s serious accusation of a BJP worker in a drug case
  • Said: they beat me, they tortured me

In the case of Mumbai drugs, many of those characters whose role is considered suspicious are coming out. No concrete evidence is found, but the round of complaints and counter-accusations continues in the political corridors. One such character is Sunil Patil, whom the BJP constantly accuses of being the mastermind. Sunil is associated with the NCP party and has been active for the past 20 years.

Big Revelations from Sunil Patil

In conversation with Aaj Tak, Sunil Patil has rejected all the allegations and has presented his side in this case. According to Sunil Patil, Neeraj Yadav, close to BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya, gave the tip of the cruise party. He also insisted that he did not know Kiran Gosavi, he had never met her.

Amid these arguments, Sunil Patil also made serious accusations against Manish Bhanushali, a BJP worker and witness in the drug case. According to Patil, he was forcibly detained by Bhanushali. According to him, Bhanushali also assaulted him at a hotel in Delhi.

Assault charge

Now for information, let us tell you that BJP leader Mohit Kamboj made serious accusations against Sunil Patil. He said Sunil Patil is the mastermind in this case. He comes from Dhule and has been associated with NCP for 20 years. Kamboj alleged that Sunil Patil is a friend of Anil Deshmukh’s son, Hrishikesh Deshmukh. From 1999 to 2014, Sunil Patil, in association with the Ministry of the Interior in Maharashtra, made a scandal regarding the transfer in the publication. Since the government changed in the state, it was active again.

But speaking to Aaj Tak, Patil has vehemently denied all the allegations. He has definitely admitted that he had made Manish and Sam D’Souza meet. But he has no active role in this matter.


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