The most expensive horses cost Rs 85 Lakhs at Bateshwar Pashu Mela Agra

Mare Chandni and Jasmine at the cattle fair – Photo: Amar Ujala

At Agra’s historic Bateshwar cattle fair, well-bred horses and horses are more expensive than luxury vehicles. 35 lakh mare worship of Bahadur Singh from Salempur in Firozabad, 40 lakh mare Rani from Ram Bahadur from Nagla Gulal, 50 lakh Marwari mare Lakshmi from Ganesh Yadav from Agra, followed by Mohammad Nasuruddin from Gursaganj, Kannauj, both mares 85 lakh Chandni and Jasmine was the center of attraction on Sunday.

Nasuruddin listed the merits of both horses, which are incomparable in form, color, gait, and dance. On Wednesday, the mare jasmine was sold for 28 lakh rupees. While Chandni is priced at Rs 45 lakh by Noor Mohammad from Jamshedpur.

Nasuruddin said he will not sell it for less than Rs 57 lakh. A dose of Chandni also comes for Rs 1100 per day. He is given 10 kg of milk, 1 kg of ghee once a week, 8 kg gram a day. Ustad has also supported himself with a salary of 10,000 for training. Nasuruddin said that 10 horses were brought to the fair, of which 6 have been sold.

Jockey training a horse for horse racing – Photo: Amar Ujala

The horse race will be hosted by District Panchayat at the Bateshwar fair at 11am on Monday. For victory, the horses were fiercely trained by their masters at the fair. Hafeez de Bareilly said his horse Sultan has won the award many times in the race.

Mare Chandni at the Bateshwar cattle fair – Photo: Amar Ujala

Ram Singh Azad from Bateshwar, Ram Kishan Vaidya from Bah, etc. They said 50 years ago there used to be horse racing at the fair, then it stopped. Previously, police and army horses also used to participate in the race. Later the race was closed. People are excited about its release again.

Traders brought camels to the fair – Photo: Amar Ujala

Dhola Maru’s love story was driven by a camel of the Baltar species in the desert of Rajasthan. With the sighting of the Baltar camel species at the Bateshwar fair on Sunday, the memories of the Rajasthan folk tale were also refreshed among the people.

Bikaneri Camel Champa-Jasmine – Photo: Amar Ujala

Seventy-two species of camels are known to be the fastest in the desert. Kishanlal from Jaisalmer has attended the fair with 8 camels of the Balttar species. Whose price ranges between 55 thousand and 1.40 lakh rupees. Shyam Sundar from Barmer has also brought 9 camels of the Baltar species.

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