Tarot horoscope November 7, 2021: beware of enemies, know what your lucky cards say

Aries: the star
There is a chance for good career progress, but today you may be betrayed by a colleague, so today you do not have to share the thoughts that go on in your mind with anyone.
Measure: Apply red sandalwood on the forehead.

वृष: wands page
You can participate in any religious event. You can gift your spouse a gift today, which he or she will be happy to see.
Measure: Read Aditya Hriday Stotra.

मिथुन: Queen of Pentacles
Today, thanks to a friend of his, some of his long-standing work can be completed. You can plan a short-distance trip with your family members, but you need to be careful with your health.
Measure: Light a lamp on both sides of the maingate with beef lard at night.

Cancer: Ace of Cups
Today will be a normal day for you. Today your business plans will be implemented and will definitely bring you many benefits in the future.
Measure: Eat red berries.

सिंह: Nine of Wands
It will be better for you from the perspective of luck. If there were any issues regarding the in-laws side, then it will improve today as well.
Measure: Sings.

कन्या: The force
Today it has the full support of power in governance. People doing business will get new sources today.
Measure: Wear saffron colored clothing.

Libra: the emperor
There will be obstacles in business work. It takes patience and seriousness to work. Problems will also be solved when the time comes. Try to complete the important tasks first at this time.
Measure: Read Narayan Kavach.

Scorpio: page of swords
Today you will spend the afternoon serving your parents. People who work in the office today will see their enemies as their peers, but they must also be careful around them.
Measure: Chant the Ghrini Suryay Namah mantra.

Sagittarius: six of cups
Today will bring mixed results for you. Today at the office, you will work together with your colleagues on a new project.
Measure: Chant the Om Adityaya Namah mantra.

मकर: Nine of Wands
People who do business will get positive results today. If you have any property related matter, today you will benefit and you can also get any property.
Measure: Take a bath by putting red flowers in water.

कुंभ: five of swords
Married life will be happy. If there was a problem in the family for a long time, today its solution will be found.
Measure: Give the sun water.

मीन: eight of pentacles
You may have to face some difficulties in the workplace, so today you should avoid getting confused. Today’s students will take hard work to achieve their desired success.
Measure: Chant Om Bhaskarai Namah.


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