T20 WC: Chris Gayle has not retired yet, he told this plan for the last match: t20 world cup Chris Gayle wants to retire from international cricket in front of local fans tspo

History highlights

  • Chris Gayle has no intention of retiring yet
  • Do you want to play the farewell game in Jamaica?

Chris Gayle, popularly known as ‘Universe Boss’, has dismissed the news of his retirement from international cricket. After the game against Australia on Saturday, the Gayle speculation market was hot. During this match, Chris Gayle also received an honor guard along with Dwayne Bravo, who said goodbye to international cricket.

Significantly, in the game against Australia, Gayle scored 15 runs on eight balls with the help of two sixes. Then, as he returned to the pavilion, Gayle greeted the audience with a bat. Now Chris Gayle has revealed that he was enjoying his last World Cup match against Australia. However, the explosive batsman has confirmed that he wants to retire from international cricket by playing a farewell match in front of local spectators in Jamaica.

In a Facebook live chat with ICC, Gayle said: ‘It has been a wonderful race. I haven’t announced my retirement, but they actually give me a game in Jamaica in front of a local crowd so all I can say is hello guys, thank you very much. ‘ We’ll see. If not, I will announce it.

Gayle said, ‘I’ll wait so long and then join DJ Bravo’s club. Thanks everyone, but I can’t say that yet. Today I was having a little fun. Whatever happens, put it aside. I was chatting to the fans at the bus stop and just having fun as this was going to be my last World Cup match.

In shedding light on her long career, Gayle revealed that when it comes to representing the West Indies internationally, she has always been enthusiastic. Gayle said: ‘I really want to thank you for the position I am in here today. Despite being 42 years old, I still stand my ground. My career has been really good. I have shed blood, I have shed tears in West Indian cricket, whatever a leg or an arm. Keep hitting for the West Indies.

Gayle said: “It has always been a pleasure to represent the West Indies. In reality, we get hurt when we lose the game and don’t get the result. Fans mean a lot to me because I am an entertainer. It hurts a lot when I don’t have a chance to entertain them. I may not show those kinds of feelings, but I am deeply disappointed in the fans and especially in this World Cup.

Gayle said a lot of work has gone into behind the scenes to make her long and successful career. He said: ‘I’m a very determined person. Hard work. Not many people see that hard work, but I work hard in silence. I am a genius and I use it wisely. I have moved up from the lower level. ‘


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