Shah Rukh Khan was seen escaping the eyes of the media, the team was seen at the airport, watch the video

History highlights

  • Shahrukh saved the paparazzi
  • hidden under an umbrella
  • The team video went viral

Shahrukh Khan has disappeared from the eyes of the media after the Aryan Khan drug case. It very rarely happens that the paparazzi see Shahrukh Khan. On Sunday, November 7, Shah Rukh’s team was spotted at Mumbai Kalina Airport. Shahrukh Khan is said to have returned to Mumbai from his private jet after arranging a meeting in Delhi. During this, once again Shahrukh Khan left, escaping from the media chamber.

Shahrukh at the Kalina airport?

A video has emerged from the Kalina airport. Shahrukh Khan’s team is seen in this video. In the video, two people can be seen sitting in the car hiding behind a black umbrella. Shahrukh Khan is believed not to want the paparazzi to take pictures of him. That is why he received a black umbrella from his security guards. But it is also not clear that Shahrukh Khan is sitting in the car hidden behind the umbrella. Also, nothing is known about who was with him.

Mahesh Manjrekar said for Shahrukh Khan: not doing justice to his talent

According to media reports, many foreign media companies have approached Shahrukh Khan’s team for interviews. Everyone wants to talk to Shahrukh about his son Aryan Khan’s drug case. Shahrukh has refused to speak to anyone about this. At this time, the investigation of the Aryan Khan drug case has been transferred to a new Special Investigation Team (NCB).

Shahrukh Khan broke Kapil Sharma’s addiction to alcohol, said the comedian in an anecdote

Aryan Khan returned home after 28 days of being caught in a drug case. Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan focus on their son. Both are reported to have made big decisions for Aryan’s diet, mental health, and safety. On Friday, November 5, Aryan Khan was seen in the OCN office for the first time. He had come there to make an appearance.

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