Satya Pal Malik said: ‘Whoever appointed me governor will resign if I have trouble speaking’ – Meghalaya governor Satya Pal Malik supports farmers in Jaipur Criticizes modi government in Jaipur, farmers protest against NTC

History highlights

  • Targeting the central government in Jaipur
  • Leaders express grief over the death of an animal: Malik

Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik on agricultural laws in Jaipur: Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik supported the farmers’ movement today. He was heading to a show in Jaipur on Sunday. Satyapal Malik said that people died in the farmers’ movement, but they (the leaders) did not say anything. He said that I had also said earlier that I would come and sit in the farmers’ dharna.

The governor of Meghalaya said that even if I say something, the farmers’ problems will be disputed. He said- ‘The governor cannot be removed, but my supporters who are looking for that must say something and move.’

He said that two or three people sitting in Delhi have appointed me governor, they will be in trouble if they speak for the farmers, I have an idea of ​​this. But if they say we have a problem, then I won’t take a minute to leave my post.

Satyapal Malik also said that such a long movement had never happened in the country. In which 600 farmers have been martyred. If the dog also dies, then the message of condolence from the leaders of Delhi goes. But the 600 farmer proposal was not approved at the Lok Sabha.

Malik has already supported farmers

Even before this, the Governor of Meghalaya, Satya Pal Malik, has openly supported the farmers. In a conversation with India Today TV Consulting editor Rajdeep Sardesai last month, he openly supported farmers’ protest against the 3 farm laws. He said in this conversation that he had spoken with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Interior Minister Amit Shah on the issue of the peasant movement. Along with this, there has also been a call to accept the demands of farmers.

During this, he had also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Interior Minister Amit Shah had to do what they had to do. I have told both of them (the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary) to do something or there will be losses. I think there is something in the bureaucracy that is misleading the government. At the same time, a few months ago, he had also said that farmers should not be sent from Delhi in humiliation. Then Satyapal Malik had also said that I know the Sardars, who do not forget things for 300 years. During this, he had also stated that if the MSP Law came within his purview, he would abolish it.

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