Sam D’Souza: Sam D’Souza Who Once On Radar Became An NCB Whistleblower Get Full Story – Who Is Sam Dsouza, Mumbai Cruise Drug Case, NCB Witness, Profile by sam dsouza ntc

History highlights

  • Sam D’Souza was questioned in June
  • D’Souza later became an informant for NCB

Who is Sam D’Souza: Sam D’Souza has become a witness in the Mumbai cruise drug case, but was on NCB’s radar at one point. Sources associated with NCB told Aaj Tak that Sam D’Souza was also questioned by Mumbai NCB, but later became an informant for NCB.

Sam D’Souza is the same person who first informed NCB officers about the drug party on the cruise ship. On October 1, D’Souza told an NCB officer about the drug party on the cruise ship, after which the NCB said he had some input too, if there is any additional information please tell him. After this, D’Souza had sent some numbers with photos and pictures of Cruise, after which NCB was convinced of his words. Only after this was the raid carried out.

The sources also said that to assist in the raid, Sam D’Souza had introduced Gosavi and Prabhakar to OCN officials saying they would both help. On October 2, Gosavi and Prabhakar met with OCN officials and told them that they had come directly from Ahmedabad to assist in this raid. However, after the raid, the exploits of Gosavi, Prabhakar and Sam began to take center stage, causing the NCB to suffer.

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D’Souza became an NCB informant

In the same year, Mumbai NCB arrested ACP’s son from Mumbai Police with a commercial amount of drugs. ACP’s son was named Shreyas Kenjle. The drug was recovered from Shreyas’s home. In the investigation of the same case, NCB obtained information about Sam D’Souza after scanning the cell phones of several defendants, after which Sam D’Souza was summoned by NCB for questioning.

During the investigation of this case, Sam D’Souza’s mobile phone was searched but no concrete evidence was found. After this, D’Souza was released on the condition that he help and inform the NCB in the fight against drugs. Later, Sam D’Souza became NCB’s informant.

Is Sam D’Souza exposed?

Amid the ongoing controversy in the cruise drug case, a news channel claimed to have spoken with Sam D’Souza. However, the Minister of Maharashtra and leader of the PNC, Nawab Malik, has affirmed that what has come out is not Sam D’Souza, but Sanville D’Souza.

What is the Cruise Drugs case?

Mumbai NCB raided a cruise ship going from Mumbai to Goa on October 2. Aryan, son of Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan, was also arrested in this case. However, Aryan obtained a bond from the Bombay High Court.

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