Punjab: Mandatory ‘Punjabi’ in all schools from class 1 to class 10

History highlights

  • A fine of up to 2 lakh will be recovered
  • The government of Punjab will present the bill in the assembly

Punjabi made mandatory in all schools: In Punjab, the government will now pass a new amendment regarding the “Punjab” language. In which it will now be mandatory to teach the Punjabi language in all schools. The state government will now introduce changes to the Punjab and Other Languages ​​in Punjab Learning Act 2008 (Punjab and Other Languages ​​Act 2008).

Under which the amount of the fine has now also been increased. The amount of the fine, which was previously 25,000 rupees, will now be 50,000 rupees. At the same time, the amount of the fine, which was Rs 50,000, has now become Rs 1 lakh. Similarly, the amount of the fine, which was 2 lakh rupees, has also been changed under this law. The Charanjit Channi government of Punjab will introduce this bill in the current session of the Legislative Assembly of Punjab. The Punjab government gave permission for this amendment on Sunday.

In this regard, the Office of the Chief Minister has reported that if any school does not follow the rules of this law, then action will be taken against it. If a school does not follow them for the first time, they will be fined 50 lakhs. If that school does this again, it will be fined 1 lakh rupees. If any school continuously violates the rules of the Law, if the rules are violated a third time, the fine will also be 2 lakh rupees.

What is the Punjab and Other Languages ​​Learning Act in Punjab, 2008?
The Punjab and Other Languages ​​Punjab Learning Act of 2008 was enacted by the state government to teach the Punjab language to state students. In which students from class 1 to class 10 participated. It has also been said in subsection 1 and subsection 8 of this Act that if a school does not follow the rules, then a sanction may be imposed. At the same time, the definition of school is elementary, middle, high school and upper secondary school under this law.

These schools are also within reach
The state government had issued a notice on March 22, 2010, according to which central schools, Navodaya schools, and schools affiliated with all boards, including CBSE, ICSE. All of them had to follow this act in the state.


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