Prime Minister Modi recalled Advani’s injuries and delivered this message to party workers for the victory of the upcoming elections in five states.

BJP leader LK Advani, addressing party workers in Lucknow after Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government was reformed in the Center in 1998, had given the reason behind the party’s continued progress. He had said that the BJP does not advance because its leaders are the best and give the best speeches. He said the BJP moves forward because the public trusts its workers. The day this trust ends, the progress of the party will stop, so it is the responsibility of the workers to live up to the trust of the people.

On Sunday, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the closing session of the BJP national executive, he reiterated the same point made by his political guru LK Advani. He said that if the BJP is to ensure its victory in the five electoral states and continue to advance in the future, then the party workers will have to live up to the trust of the people.

He said that knowledge is not only found in books, experience is acquired by going between people. He asked the BJP workers to go among the people, increase contact with them, inform them about the schemes of the central government. With this, people will get more and more information about government schemes and more and more people will be able to take advantage of it.

The party has set the role of central ministers, state government ministers, parliamentarians, MLAs and party officials for this. In the next six months, they will go to their respective areas and give information on the central government schemes.

A BJP deputy told Amar Ujala that the party’s central leaders always talk about pushing the workers forward. They say that the more and more contact of the workers with the public will increase, the work of the people will be done at the behest of the workers, the trust of the people in the public towards the workers will increase. In the future, this trust will act as a vote bank for the party.

But how will UP win?
But it is alleged that this trust between the public and the workers is continually breaking down. Workers say that whether from the central government or the state government, the party’s workers’ participation in their programs is steadily declining over time. The programs are carried out under the trust of the authorities. Due to their lack of participation in the programs, they are unable to provide the required assistance to the public, which is undermining people’s trust in them.

The Yogi Adityanath government of Uttar Pradesh organized a grand celebration of Divya Deepotsav 2021 in Ayodhya. Not only in the country, but throughout the world, the slogan was hit hard. It was also presented as a special gift to the Hindu public from the UP government. But this entire program was completed only with the trust of government officials. The party worker stayed completely away from the event. He stayed on the sidelines of the entire program plan, far from giving him a role in the success of the program.

A senior Purvanchal party official said the government wants to project Ayodhya as its political success in the elections. Its greatest impact is also likely to be felt in the Purvanchal and Awadh region. But only workers stayed away from this program. A worker who was not in a position to get a pass or two during the program, what can he expect to gain support from the public by saying what at the time of the election?

Another high-ranking party leader argued that the government has more faith in officials than workers. She is acting on your advice. At the behest of the workers, not a single job can be done in government. Even the role of party workers in drawing up the plans of the Center-State has nowhere been secured. Because of this, the penetration of workers among the people is weakening. This is increasing the distance of the government from the people, which can weigh heavily on the party in elections.

This complaint did not work
The discontent of the party workers, especially the Uttar Pradesh workers in their own government due to negligence in their own government, was conveyed to the central leadership through various party channels. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh channel had also relayed information to the BJP high command that there is growing resentment among party workers towards their own government. It is necessary to take immediate action for this, otherwise it can cause great losses. It was said that there was talk of advancing bringing the workers together with the central dome. He was told to go beyond raising the flag and staying and giving him a role so that his self-esteem and confidence could be strengthened.

But this process has proven to be completely useless, according to the leader. The Divya Deepotsav program is just one example. In any such program, workers are constantly being neglected. This discontent of the workers can cause tremendous political damage to the BJP in the next elections.

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