Prabhakar sail to be questioned today in drug case, recovery charges filed against Wankhede – drug case prabhakar sail ncb interrogation aaryan khan sameer wankhede ntc

History highlights

  • Prabhakar cell to be questioned today in drug case
  • Wankhede was charged with recovery

In the Mumbai drug case, all the equations changed when witness Prabhakar Sail made serious accusations against Sameer Wankhede, director of the Mumbai Zone NCB. It was claimed that a demand for Rs 25 million was made to release Aryan Khan. Now only after those sensational accusations, an investigation was launched against Wankhede and now he has also withdrawn from this case.

Prabhakar’s cell will be interrogated

Now, the NCB core team is going to interrogate the same Prabhakar cell today. You have been called to the OCN office at 12 noon. NCB believes that Prabhakar’s statements will be very important in this matter. Further action will be taken on the basis of these statements and the process of questioning many other people will also begin.

By the way, on Sunday, the NCB team also questioned Arbaaz Merchant and Achit Kumar related to this matter for 9 hours. Arbaaz’s father said that after a long time he learned that a subpoena had arrived from the NCB. He also expressed his displeasure that there was not even 24 hours after the subpoena was sent. But still, Arbaaz arrived at the OCN office and answered questions from officials.

Aryan was also called

It also emerged that on Sunday, NCB had also summoned Shahrukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan. He also had to come to question him. But Aryan has not joined the interrogation due to poor health. He is said to have been summoned again for questioning. Right now, under the leadership of Sanjay Singh, the investigation of the drug case is being done again from the beginning. All important people are questioned, apart from this, the scene of the incident is also visited. It is reported that from next week the investigation will accelerate.

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