Pollution raises concern in Delhi, AAP government demands emergency meeting – Delhi pollution emergency meeting arvind kejriwal gopal rai ntc

History highlights

  • Demand to convene an emergency meeting of the Delhi government
  • The government took action to increase pollution

Pollution in Delhi remains at an alarming level. This toxic air has made it difficult for people to leave the house. Doctors also agree that this situation is very worrying in terms of health. Now Delhi’s government minister Gopal Rai has also raised concerns about rising pollution. He has required the Center to convene an emergency meeting.

Is the stubble responsible for the contamination?

Gopal Rai has shed light on many issues by writing a letter. He writes that all of Delhi is facing pollution for the past 3 days. The air in Delhi is still stifling. All of Delhi is concerned about this. We studied with DPCC scientists about changes in the level of contamination as of November 1. The figures are displayed and it was predicted that if the incidents of stubble burning are not reduced, Delhi will have to go through that environment. Data from November 1-6 show that as incidents of stubble burning increased, the level of pollution in Delhi increased.

What do the figures say?

The minister has also kept some of this data, showing that pollution has increased in Delhi due to stubble. They say that on November 1, incidents of stubble burning were reported in 2077 places in Punjab, Haryana, UP through NASA satellite, the pollution level of Delhi was 281 that day. On November 2, the stubble burning incidents increased to 3,291, the pollution level on this day was 303. The stubble burning incidents on November 3 were 2775, the pollution level was 314. On November 4, there were 3,383 incidents of stubble burning and Delhi’s level of pollution was 382. On 5 November, stubble was burned in 5,728 locations and the level of pollution increased to 462, adding to the contamination of firecrackers. On November 6, stubble was burned in 4369 places, Delhi’s pollution level was 437.

emergency meeting request

Now, for this reason, the Delhi government wants an emergency meeting on pollution. Gopal Rai writes that as the incidence of stubble burning has increased, the level of pollution in Delhi has increased. We are working to reduce the level of pollution in Delhi. Today I am writing a letter to the Union Minister of the Environment requesting an emergency to stop stubble pollution. The environment ministers of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, UP should be called in and a joint action plan should be drawn up to eliminate stubble pollution. Stubble is not burned in Delhi, but stubble is burned in neighboring states.


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