Nawab Malik hits back at BJP leader Mohit Kamboj, charged with 1.1 billion rupee bank fraud

Maharashtra minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik appeared again in the press on Sunday and made many important claims related to cruise drugs. He alleged that Mohit Kamboj was charged with bank fraud of 1100 million rupees. He was previously behind congressional leaders, but after changing governments, he approached the BJP. Mohit Kamboj had done the PC on Saturday and it described a person named Sunil Patil as the mastermind in this case. Mohit had also described Patil as close to the PNC leaders.

Nawab Malik claimed that Kamboj and Sameer Wankhede have good relations. Mohit Kamboj manages 11 hotels. Malik further said, we had said that Kamboj and Wankhede have a relationship. You will soon publish the video of your meeting. On October 6th I got PC and on the 7th Wankhede and Kamboj met at Oshiwara Cemetery. They are lucky the police CCTV was closed, we couldn’t get their CCTV and Wankhede sahib panicked that someone was following him. Wankhede’s only game is that the drug trade continued. The drug mafia must be protected and extorted from them. People in the movie world should be bullied and billions should be extorted, this game that Wankhede is playing.

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