MP: Tanker carrying mustard oil capsized in bhopal Madhya Pradesh, people ran to loot NTC

History highlights

  • People ran to the tanker with utensils to fill the oil.
  • People also put oil in their jars filled with wells made on the side of the road.
  • Police chased people looting for oil

A one-time robbery took place on the road in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, on Sunday morning. In fact, a tanker full of crude mustard oil capsized at the Bhopal turnoff. As soon as people found out about this, they broke down to loot the mustard oil. A crowd gathered at the scene. They were all running towards the tanker. The rush to loot utensils and oil was clearly visible on all hands. However, later the police drove people away.

The incident took place on Sunday morning when a tanker filled with crude mustard oil capsized uncontrollably near Kolkata Transport Nagar on the Bhopal Beltway. It is said that due to the failure of the tanker’s brakes, the tanker driver turned the steering in an attempt to save the other vehicle in front, but lost control of the tanker. Because of this, the tanker truck overturned on the beach road itself.

As soon as the tanker truck overturned, thousands of gallons of filled mustard oil began to flow down the road. Soon a river of mustard oil began to flow. As soon as people found out, they ran to the tanker with utensils, cans and bottles. People filled their vessels with oil as much as possible. The situation of the loot was that those who could not go to the tanker, filled the wells made by the side of the road with the oil that was filled from there.

Not only this, due to the steepness at the site, mustard oil was also filled in the nearest transport city as if water entered during the rainy season. However, later, when the police obtained information about this, the force was dispatched to the tanker. People who looted for oil were pursued by the police. However, by then the mustard oil was almost empty from the tanker.

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